If you have a dog in your home, then you definitely want your dog to have the best care and attention, and you wish to spend his life happy with you as most dog lovers consider their pet to be a member of their family.

Dogs are faithful creatures, a symbol of unlimited loyalty in the world. They love and care for you free of charge and without any conditions, and you definitely feel that in every moment you spend with your dog.

Despite that, there are mistakes that you do with your dog without knowing, so I criticize you for the five most famous mistakes that dog breeders make so that you avoid them as much as possible to provide the utmost care and attention to your dog.

5 Mistakes You Make With Your Dog Unknowingly

1 – Judging a dog based on its family or general shape

Some people acquire dogs based on their external appearance or attractive appearance and do not pay attention to dog behaviors or daily dog ​​needs.

Some dogs need more attention than others, and there are also groups of dogs that cannot live indoors and prefer wide or open spaces.

Also, some dogs need daily or weekly care. An example is Golden Retriever dogs, for example. Whereas, lack of attention to the hair and fur of golden dogs may cause their hair to constantly fall out.

There are some dogs who will not be able to leave them alone at home, or some of them cannot easily adapt to children or other animals in the house, and all of these matters need knowledge and research before buying a pet.

We always advise pet owners, that having a pet in your life takes time and taking responsibility because the pet will not be able to manage its affairs alone.

2 – Treat your pet in unreliable places

What do you do when you notice that your dog is not looking well?

Do you start asking your pet friends and start trying different medications on your pet, or go to the nearest pet supply store and ask the seller about any treatment for your dog’s condition?

Dog breeders make big mistakes when we talk about dog diseases and how to treat them, as some resort to their friends or online consultations from people unknown to them or try some medications based on the advice of non-experts.

We spoke with many veterinarians who confirm that on a daily basis they receive cases of pets whose owners have tried drugs based on the advice of a seller in a store or a dog breeder on the Internet without experience that led to the deterioration of the condition of their dog.

Therefore, we always recommend that you vaccinate or examine your dog and seek medical aid in veterinary clinics and by veterinarians only, and do not resort to any other source if you really want to preserve the health of your pet.

3 – Not training your dog in the correct actions at the right time

When starting to train dogs on various things that make their lives easier, some may rush to training at some stages and some may be very slow in some other stages.

For example, some people are in a hurry to train dogs to the bathroom or spend littering and think that the puppy will learn how to do so within days. While others delay in the correct socialization of the dog, which leads to behavioral problems that begin to appear as the dog grows and ages.

Experts say that you should start going out with your dog periodically at the age of 12 weeks, at this age the dog can understand the world around him and know what things he must do.

At this age, dogs can easily get to know other dogs and avoid quarrels or fights that arise because dogs are not accustomed to mixing from a young age.

Also, the dog may be affected by cowardice and you notice a constant fear of him from the street, cars and passers-by because he is not accustomed to it at a young age, which will prompt you to more difficult exercises later to fix these behavioral problems of the dog.

However, we do not recommend going out with the dog before it gets the full doses of the eight vaccinations, as mixing the dog and going out to the street before ending all vaccinations may expose him to fatal viral diseases.

 4 – Lack of interest in the dog’s routine

Dogs or animals, in general, need a fixed routine in order to get used to living with humans, so setting a fixed routine that does not change for your dog will save you a lot of trouble and problems that dog breeders suffer from.

Setting a fixed time for the dog’s meals, preparing meals in advance, and not neglecting their components, for example, will provide your dog with complete health and fewer times to go to the vet because of the health problems that arise from lack of interest in the correct nutrition of the dog.

Also, paying attention to the routine periodic vaccination on an annual basis will save you from any viral diseases that may be transmitted to a dog and cause deterioration in its health.

Also, paying attention to walking the dog periodically and giving him a daily training session will avoid the behavioral problems that arise, such as tearing furniture or exaggerated activity due to the dog not getting enough of his daily activity.

Finally, pay attention to training the dog permanently on the various commands, because dogs may forget some commands if you do not train them to perform them periodically, you must always review your dog’s exercises in order to ensure a quick response from him in various cases.

 5 – Ignore the method of reward and punishment in training your dog

Some train dogs by hitting and punishing them permanently, as they believe that dogs will not understand unless they feel pain and this is wrong. Some also believe that rewarding the dog for doing something right and ignoring his punishment for doing wrong actions will correct his behavior and this is also wrong.

Dog breeders also make a common mistake, which is their belief that dogs deal with the past tense like us.

For example, if you come back to your home and find your dog asleep and has torn the paddle apart