Allbedo Values
Ocean has typical albedo worth of 0.06

The time period “albedo” means whiteness. It’s the measurement of the diffuse relection of photo voltaic radiation (gentle) out of whole photo voltaic radiation obtained by the item. It’s measured on the dimensions of Zero to 1. A physique with very excessive albedo, close to 1, may be very shiny and glossy. Whereas a physique with a low albedo worth, close to 0, is darkish in nature. The Moon has a median albedo of 0.12, Venus 0.76, Earth 0.37.

Albedo Values for Totally different Surfaces

Floor Albedo Worth
Contemporary asphalt 0.04
Ocean 0.06
Worn asphalt 0.12
Combined forest 0.09-0.12
Conifer forest 0.09-0.15
Corrugated roof 0.10-0.15
Open shrubland 0.12-0.14
Savanna 0.133-0.14
Deciduous bushes 0.15-0.18
Colored paint 0.15-0.35
Grassland 0.165-0.185
Naked soil 0.17
Inexperienced grass 0.25
Desert sand 0.40
New concrete 0.55
Ocean ice 0.50-0.70
Contemporary snow 0.80