Calico cats

Many people are interested in raising some pets in their homes or near them, and cats are among the most preferred animals to be raised by humans, due to their beautiful shape.

 We find that many children take some cats as a friend, so they play with them and takes them everywhere they go.

Calico cats are among the most famous and oldest types of cats known to man for many centuries. It dates back to the cities located along the Mediterranean coast in Greece, France, Spain and Italy, and its origins are in Egypt.

Here are some details about this type of cat.

Information about calico cats

Scientists have done a lot of research to know the type of breed to which Calico cats belong, and this was complicated, because this type contains alot of characteristics found in a different cat breeds, and scientists considered that they do not belong to a specific cat breed.

One of the most important facts about calico is that the majority of them are females. And male calico cats are very rare, and most males are unfortunately sterile, the color of the cat’s coat is determined by their genetic content, and the color of the coat is a sex-related feature.

The color of the calico cats

Calico cats have distinctive colors that make them known among many other types, as they have white fur with long and soft hair that mixes with it a mixture of orange and black colors, and these colors are spots in those fur and are separate from each other, and we rarely find some calico cats that have patches of blue or brown instead of black and orange.

Calico in “Folklore” cultures

In most cultures, cats with a mixture of colors bring good luck:

  In the United States it is referred to as “money cats”.

In Japan, the “Maniko-Nikko” statue is embodied in the form of a calico cat, and they believe that it brings good luck.

Calico cat photos