Current Affairs 2020

April Month Current Affairs 2020

01. Recently, SAARC Development Fund Allocates $5 Million Fund for COVID-19 Projects in its Member States.

Who is the Secretary General of SAARC?

Ans:- Esala Ruwan Weerakon

8 Members Of SAARC

1. Afghanistan

2. Bangladesh

3. Bhutan

4. India

5. Maldives

6. Pakistan

7. Srilanka

8. Nepal

Foundation: 08 December 1985

Headquarters: Kathmandu NEPAL

02. The Reserve Bank of India has increased the No. of days for all the States and UT so that they can avail the Overdraft Facility to ?

Ans:-  21 Days.

03. Which Clause Won’t Apply to Coronavirus Death Claims in Life Insurance Policies?

Ans:- Force Majeure Clause


04. On Which day, “World Homeopathy day” is Observed?

Ans:-  10 April


‘Linking Research with Education and Clinical Practice: Advancing Scientific Collaboration”.

05. Pharmacists , commonly known as _____ are delivering essential Services and Medicines facilities at doorsteps under Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi

Paryojana (PMBJP)?

Ans:. Swasth ke Sipahi

06. Indian Immunological Limited(IIL) has patterned with Griffith University of Which Country for Developing a Vaccine for COVID-19?

Ans:-. Australia

07. ‘Operation SHIELD’ Launched in Which Indian State/UT?

Ans:- New Delhi

Full form of “SHIELD”

  S – Stands for Sealing of Area

H – Stands for Home Quarantine

I – Stands for Isolation of Infected Patients

E – Stands for Essential Services Ensured

L – Stands for Local Sanitisation

D –  Stands for Door to Door Survey

08. What is the Name of the Engineering Student from Chhattisgarh who Developed a internet Controlled Robot to attend a COVID -19?

Ans:. Yogesh Kumar Sahu

09. Recently, NASA has marked the 50

th Anniversary of Which Mission they Named as “Successful Failure”?

Ans:. APPOLO 13


10. Which indian State has Become the First to  till Extend Lockdown 30 April?

Ans:. Odisha

11. Recently, Arunachal Pradesh Launches COVIDCARE App to Combat COVID-19. Who is the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh?

Ans:. B.D Mishra

12. According to the Forbes 34

th Annual World Billionaires List, who is at the Top ?

Ans:. Jeff Bezos ($113)

13. Recently, Twitter CEO has pledged to donate $1 Billion to Combat with Covid -19. Who is the CEO of Twitter?

Ans:- Jack Dorsey

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