Dogs training to obey

In this topic, you will learn how to raise your dogs to obey

Many people ask how to train dogs! But are you really ready to start training your dog or puppy? Appropriate training and socialization are one of the most important dog’s basic needs. It is important to start training your dog as soon as possible. But how do you get started?

At first, dog training may be very difficult for you, especially if this is your first dog. in fact dog training is a very big project. However, if you follow these steps step by step with us, you will find that the task is not much difficult. Here is some information to help you get started:

Starting a Dog Obedience Program: Learn how to prepare before you start.

Positive reinforcement: There are many different ways to train a dog, but most dog trainers agree that a positive method is best for a dog and trainer.

Dog training with Playing and Toys: Dog training should be fun! Everyone knows that it is easier to learn something when you have a good time. Try to implement some toys to play with your dog when you train him.

Six weeks is enough to get a well trained dog: you can teach the dog the basics in about six weeks.

Dog Training Tools

You are almost ready to start the training process, but you may find that some tools can help you along the way.

dog training supplies

Here is the most important dog training supplies that you should know about before starting to purchase . Fortunately, there are not many essential supplies for good training, the following tools will help you to train the dog well:

1- Dog cage Dog Crate

dog supplies dog crate
dog supplies dog crate

2- The dog Playpen

Dog playpen
Dog playpen

3- Dog clicker 

dog clicker training
dog clicker training

4- Dog collar or bridle

Dog collar or bridle
Dog collar or bridle

5- Dog leash

Dog leash
Dog leash


Dog crate

You will need to teach your dog in the cage, so that dog cages play an important role in training the dog, therefore, training cage is one of the easiest ways to train your dog and it is one of the first things that you will need to work with your dog, because this cage helps you By confining your dog to a safe place when you are not able to control it, thus your dog can be prevented from developing its problematic behaviors such as chewing something inappropriate.

Dog training on leash 

Every dog ​​needs to learn to walk on a leash. In addition to the fact that most countries have leash laws and apply them, it should be another item for dog training. The dog leash helps you to maintain your dog and his own safety. A dog leash is a cornerstone for improving the functioning and behavior of your dog. Walking with leash teaches your dog not to pull or lash the leash so that the dog gets a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, making the experience more enjoyable for you and your dog. Here’s what you need to know:

Rules for walking with your dog: 

Most dogs like to go for a walk. They are able to go out with their owners, and explore the world around them. Walking is very important as it is considered a sport for your dog, which increases the mental stimulation of your dog. Here is a nice way to support your dog and his sense that it is part of your life. It is also important that etiquette be shown when you go out in public with your dog. Here are some basic guidelines that will help make your dog’s walk enjoyable for you and your dog while respecting your community:

1- Keep the dog close to you when you are near other dogs or people by keeping a short leash.

2- Remember to let your dog get a lot of opportunities to smell it around while walking. Your dog’s nose is the main way through which to explore the world!

3-Before walking make sure the dog is properly inserted into the leash.

4-Choose the right leash for your dog. The leash should be comfortable for you and the dog, and the leash should be easy to handle. Four to six feet is an ideal fit.

5- Avoid retractable leashes, or at least use them correctly. Ideally, your dog should walk the side you are on.

6- Train your dog to stand and sit at intersections, especially in the city. It is good for its safety around traffic.

7- Pay attention to the environment around you. you may be able to reduce your dog’s reaction, keeping some delicious things in your pocket that may help you to restore the dog’s focus with you.

8- Make sure your dog is well socialized and trained on how to properly treat other dogs and people (especially children).

9- Last but not least, have fun with your dog!

Puppy Socialization: How to Socialize a Puppy

How to socialize your dog

Socialization means training an adult puppy or dog to accept new people, animals, and various places by exposing them to these things.

Puppy socialization should take when your dog is between 8 and 16 weeks old.

Dogs with social activity are less to develop behavior problems, and are usually more welcoming to others. Socializing can also help prevent dog fear and phobia  developing.

Puppy Socialization
Puppy Socialization

The bottom line is that socialize your dog or puppy will make him happier, and his behavior will be very cool. 

Remember there are not two types of dogs that are exactly the same. Many dogs learn differently based on breed, size, age, and history. Find out how to customize your training methods and style to get the best results.

You can get help via some video that explain How to train any dog to obey you

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