The Persian cat is one of the famous cat breeds and types, and the Persian cat is distinguished by its round face, small delicate nose, and long hair, and the Persian cat is also called the Shirazi cat.

Persian Cat

History of the Persian cat:

The Persian cat is an ancient breed and is called the long-haired Persian cat. The Persian cat was discovered for the first time in the Middle East, especially Persia (now Iran) by the Italian traveler Peter Della Valle in the year 1600, who is credited with transporting it to Europe, and it became very popular in England. During the 19th century, Queen Victoria owned two Persian blue cats, then Persian cats came to America in the late 1800s. This breed was officially recognized by the Cat Breeders Association in 1914, and soon it became the most popular cat breed in America as well.

Persian Cat

Who does not like this elegant cat that attracts attention with its short flat face, fat face, curved nose, small round ears, strong body with long fur and large eyes, the Persian cat already has the ingredients that qualify him to be the most beloved cat on the level of the world due to its beautiful appearance and cheerful personality.

Persian cat size:

The Persian cat is characterized by a medium-size, usually, its weight ranges between 7 to 12 kilograms.

Persian Cat Character:

It is known that the Persian cat is generous and docile for being calm and sweet, and it is really a beautiful decor with which you can complement your house and it will be very cute with your children so that they can comb his hair every day, he is very affectionate and calm and does not like noise, so if you are looking for a cat, it is ideal because his needs Very simple, just regular meals, a little play and a lot of love, and of course, this love will return twice as much, because in return it will love you and save you a lot, the Persian cat does not like to cause any kind of riots in the house, so do not worry about the curtains of the house or anything that needs jumping because he is completely satisfied with his life on me The ground, the Persian cat was created to decorate a chair or sofa and not to cause riots, so do not worry, for its nature makes it an inactive cat for long periods, although it is characterized by great intelligence and love to play, but it lacks the curiosity that many other cats possess.

Persian Cat

Persian cat health:

If you take proper care of the Persian cat, it can live up to 15 to 20 years, yet it is subject to many health difficulties, the causes of which may be hereditary at times, and these are the most common health issues with Persian cats:

* difficulty breathing

* The teeth are not coordinated well together

Heat sensitivity

* Kidney disease

* Prepare for any fungal infection

Itching, redness, and hair loss

Caring for a Persian cat:

The most important thing is to understand that caring for the Persian cat needs daily attention in order to keep its fur long, beautiful, clean and free from tangles, but be careful. You must comb its fur gently but carefully every day, and you must pay attention to the anus and trim the hair around it to make sure that it is free of feces, And to bathe it at least once a month.

You have to make sure to wipe the corners of his eyes and make them clean daily to prevent spots from forming under the eyes, and use his toothbrush to prevent gum disease, so make sure to do this weekly, beware of taking it outside in the open air, as this may reflect on the cat in a negative way because he will face many risks Also, his fur will be exposed to dirt outside the home, and cats who go outdoors are also at risk of being stolen by someone who wants to have such a beautiful cat without paying the price for it.

Persian Cat

Fur and color of the Persian cat:

The Persian cat has a distinct appearance, as we mentioned before, he has a short flat face, chubby cheeks, a hooked nose, small round ears, a strong body with long fur and large eyes, as for his legs they are short but thick and strong, and his tail is short but commensurate with the size and length of his body.

As for the types of Persian cats, they are many, so each cat is distinguished by a specific color and pattern of its own. There are seven different colors, white, blue, black, red, cream, chocolate, silver, or golden, and at one point we find that there are cats whose eyes are linked to the color of their fur.

Persian cat with kids and pets:

Persian cat does not have a problem with a small child or to live side by side with a dog with a lot of friendliness and love and not chases, so do not worry about this point, because the Persian cat will not cause any dispute about that.

Persian Cat