Science Quiz 82: Charles Darwin Quiz (Personalities Quiz)

24 November is celebrated as Evolution Day, highlighting Darwin’s contributions to science, the day’s events are used to educate about evolutionary biology. Here is a quiz on Charles Darwin

1. Charles Darwin began developing his theory of evolution while voyaging on a ship named:

The Enterprise

HMS Beagle

The Santa Maria

The Endeavour

2. In which year Charles Darwin was born?





3. What hobby did Darwin pick up while at Edinburgh?


Bird watching

Beettle collecting


4. Which one of the following alternative therapies did Darwin try to improve his chronic ill health?

Music therapy

Biblio therapy



5. Thea article by this British naturalist, known for independently conceiving the theory of evolution through natural selection, pro

Alfred Russel Wallace

Thomas Henry Huxley

Asa Gray

Samuel Haughton

6. Charles Darwin’s father, Robert Darwin, was a





7. In which book Charles Darwin first used the word evolution?

The Origin of Species

The Voyage of the Beagle

The Power of Movement in

The Descent of Man

8. Darwin’s guide in his early study of geology was an opponent to Darwin’s theory of evolution by means of natural selection. Who wa

Adam Sedgwick

Robert Grant

Richard Thomas Lowe

Charles Lyell

9. Darwin Day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Charles Darwin. When is it celebrated?

19 April

12 February

24 November

12 November

10. Evolution Day is a celebration to commemorate

Birth anniversary of Darwin

Death anniversary of Darwin

Initial publication of On the Origin of Species

Royal Medal awarded to Darwin

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