1. Who wrote Philosophie zoologique … (“Zoological Philosophy, or Exposition with Regard to the Natural History of Animals”)?

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

Francis Galton

William Bateson

Charles Darwin

2. This Danish botanist and geneticist is best known for coining the terms phenotype and genotype. He was the one who introduced the term “gene” . Who is he?

Charles Darwin

Francis Galton

William Bateson

Wilhelm Johannsen

3. Who was the first person to use the term genetics to describe the study of heredity?

Gregor Mendel

William Bateson

Charles Darwin

Lord Kelvin

4. Who proposed first the super continent Gondwana in 1861?

Charles Darwin

Georges Lemaitre


Eduard Suess

5. Any biological species that defines a trait or characteristic of the environment is called

Index species

Indicator species

Keystone Species

Umbrella species

6. Any kind of living organisms that is not native to an ecosystem and causes harm to the ecosystem is called

Introduced species

Keystone species

Invasive species

Foundation species

7. Agnatha is a class of fish containing both present and extinct species. What to they lack?





8. Who among the following was the first to give a biological definition of the term “species”?

Charles Darwin

John Ray

Carl Linnaues


9. Some species are described as playing a critical role in maintaining the structure of an ecological community, affecting many other organisms in an ecosystem and helping to determine the types and numbers of various other species in the community. These species are called

Keystone Species

Index Species

Endangered Species

Critical species

10. Mukurthi National Park was created to protect which one of the following keystone species?

Snow Leopard

Nilgir Tahr

Asiatic Lion

Great Indian bustard