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    The debt ceiling deal takes a bite out of health programs. It could have been much worse.

    Policy analysts, Democrats, and Republicans dissatisfied with the deal agree: Federal health programs have dodged a budgetary bullet in the Washington showdown over raising the nation's debt ceiling.
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    MFAP5, a microfibril-associated protein, unveiled as key player in scar formation and wound healing

    MFAP5, a microfibril-associated protein, plays a significant role in wound healing by regulating fibroblast function, collagen deposition, and angiogenesis, suggesting its potential as a modulator of scar formation.
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    Artificial viral vectors constructed from bacteriophage T4 show promise for advanced gene delivery

    Research presents an assembly-line approach using bacteriophage T4 components to construct artificial viral vectors (AVVs). These AVVs have the potential to revolutionize gene therapies and personalized medicine by enabling the efficient delivery of biomolecules for molecular repairs and genome...
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    St. Jude researchers discover NLRP12 as a direct bridge from hemolysis to inflammatory disease

    Infections and other diseases can cause red blood cells to rupture, releasing the oxygen-binding molecule hemoglobin, which breaks down into heme.
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    RNA regulatory mechanism could be targeted to slow AD progression mediated by stress granules

    A new research paper was published on the cover of Aging (listed by MEDLINE/PubMed as "Aging (Albany NY)" and "Aging-US" by Web of Science) Volume 15, Issue 10, entitled, "Stress granules sequester Alzheimer's disease-associated gene transcripts and regulate disease-related neuronal proteostasis."
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    Scientists investigate how immune system's T cells could fight many coronaviruses at once

    Scientists at La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) are investigating how the immune system's T cells react to a wide variety of coronaviruses, ranging from SARS to common cold coronaviruses.
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    Juicy findings: Chinese consumers embrace fruit peel delights, scientists examine nutritional value and pesticide concerns

    Research explores the consumption of fruit peels by Chinese consumers, highlighting their nutritional value and pesticide residues. It provides insights into methods of pesticide detection and removal, as well as the physiological benefits of fruit peels, aiming to guide informed consumption and...
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    MU biologist receives NIH grant to develop a better understanding of complex genetic traits

    Driven by a lifelong curiosity about the natural world and the diversity of life, Elizabeth King, associate professor in the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Missouri, found inspiration to spend her formative years studying science -; and along the way she discovered her...
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    Severe COVID-19 raises alarm for undiagnosed cancer

    Severe SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with a 1.31 higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer following hospital discharge, particularly renal, hematological, colon, and lung cancers, suggesting a potential link between the infection and undiagnosed cancer.
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    Highest Paying Profession under Paramedical Course: Overview of Cardiovascular Technology, Neuroscience, Anesthesia and Perfusion Technology

    Are you interested in medicine but unsure if you want to work as a doctor or nurse? Have you thought about working in paramedicine? When patients are in dire need of life-saving care and transportation, paramedics play a crucial role in emergency medical services. The best part is that you can...
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    First Look of #Nikhil20 is out; Meet the Ferocious Warrior Swayambhu

    After teasing with a pre-look poster, the makers of hero Nikhil’s 20th movie unleashed the first look of the movie on the actor’s birthday. Directed by Bharat Krishnamachari and produced by Bhuvan and Sreekar under Pixel Studios with Tagore Madhu presenting it, #Nikhil20 is titled majestically...
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    Manjima Mohan Posts Wedding Picture with Husband Gautham Karthik

    Take a look at this old photo from the wedding of Manjima Mohan and Gautham Karthik, which perfectly captures the two of them. After dating for three years, Gautham Karthik and Manjima Mohan were married last year. The couple wed in front of their family members in a fairly low-key ceremony...
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    Boss Party Girl Moves Into A ₹190 Cr House!

    Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela amazes all with her fame and presence at world events despite appearing in small roles in Bollywood films. In yet another news making move, the Boss Party girl Urvashi Rautela moved into a lavish bungalow which is worth ₹190 cr! While it is not known if she has...
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    Two Telugu Films To Beat Pathaan For New Records In Bollywood?

    Like Tarak said at the Oscars, West welcoming Indian cinema is a big move for our filmmakers in the last many decades. Though all the filmmakers are insisting that we call it Indian cinema instead of a cinema based on its language, the trade may not always agree with it. South cinema has been...
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    Dubbed Films Ruled The Box Office In May

    When there are at least two films releasing every Friday, the success rate is so low that only one film is turning successful for a whole month. March had Dasara and April had Virupaksha which emerged as blockbusters all over. Almost all other straight Telugu films released in those two months...
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    New data guides treatment choices for patients with r/r lymphoma during pregnancy

    Today, Blood Advances published a study revealing that patients with relapsed/refractory (r/r) lymphoma during pregnancy experienced a progression-free survival rate of 24% and an overall survival rate of 83%.
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    "Deep sequencing" of the genome informs diagnoses and treatment of vascular anomalies

    Researchers from Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) recently discovered that extremely thorough "deep sequencing" of the genome in tissue samples and cell-free DNA of patients with potentially life-threatening vascular anomalies captured several genetic variants related to disease that...
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    Parkinson's disease drug ropinirole is safe and tolerable for ALS patients, early clinical trial shows

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, is a fatal motor neuron disease that causes people to gradually lose control of their muscles.
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    EULAR announces the launch of new survey targeted directly at RMD patients

    The European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology has announced the launch of the EULAR Impact of RMDs Survey, an online questionnaire targeted directly at RMD patients.
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    EULAR launches unique resource of facts and figures related to RMDs across Europe

    The European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR) is proud to announce the launch of RheumaFacts, an innovative and unique resource of facts and figures related to rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) across Europe.