Raising pets at home is one of the things that a lot of people do today, especially cat raising. Children and adults love cats, but they must be provided with full care so that infection does not spread due to raising them at home.

Siamese cats 

are one of the domestic cat breeds that can be raised at home because these types of cats are very easy to deal with her and also it is easy to train it.

The origins of Siamese cats belong Thailand.

Siamese cats are tall graceful cats, as they have a long body, a long neck, they also have long legs and a long tail.

Siamese cats

Siamese cat breed is medium in size but its muscles are wonderfully good, and the Siamese cat head is in the shape of a tall triangle, and it has a long ear, The nose is long and straight, the legs are long and slender, the tail is long and pointed at the end, and its eyes are in the shape of a bright blue almond.

Siamese cats

Siamese cats have a distinctive shape.She has soft, short-haired fur, and the color of the fur is usually white, creamy, but its face is darker than the rest of the body.

Siamese cats

Siamese cat character

1- The Siamese cat is very great and affectionate cat.

2- It is also distinguished with its social nature.

3- Some species of these cats make a very loud sound.

4- These cats are often very active and playful.

5- The Siamese cat is less active during the night time.

6- The average age of Siamese cats is between 10 to 12.5 years.

Siamese kitten

Breeding a Siamese cat at home

1- Siamese cats are comfortable cats, as they do not need much care, like all other cats.

2- It hates loneliness, so a daily time must be devoted to play with him.

3- It needs a safe and warm place to rest.

4- It is necessary to provide a place of his own in order to eliminate his need.

5- It has to be exposed to the sun periodically.

6- The meals provided to him should be variant, but the most preferred meal for Siamese cat is rice and fish.

Cleaning Siamese cats at home 

It is possible to clean cats in general through many methods, including a regular sand bath or healthy sand, which is available in the shops for cat care.

It is important to have a bath once a week with shampoo and water, and comb the body well in order to remove excess hair from the cat.

pregnancy of Siamese cats

The period of pregnancy for cats is 63 days. Usually, one cat gives birth to 8 cats or less at a time. In many cases,Not all young kittens live, but she always searches for a safe place for her during pregnancy, so his owner must provide a safe clean place for her during this period, and the cat must be preserved and vaccinated permanently with their own vaccinations by specialists to reduce exposure to many diseases, including sneezing and fever, so it is necessary to see a specialist immediately if it exposes to these diseases.

Siamese kittens