The Siamese cat, the lunar diamond, or the moon diamond – as it is called in Thailand – is considered one of the most famous types of cats in the world, and many people prefer to raise a Siamese cat because of its intelligence, sincerity and calm at home, and the Siamese cat is descended from the white cat breed, so it is not rare to give birth a pure white Siamese cat, however, unlike the pure white fur and sometimes pink eyes, the pure Siamese cat does not differ from other Siamese cat breeds.

Siamese cat

Siamese cat origins:

The origins of the white Siamese cat are not known precisely, but in the Thai National Library in Bangkok there are manuscripts dating back to the eighteenth century AD called The Book of Cat Poems, which contain illustrations of cats that resemble the Siamese cat to a large extent, where they describe the cat with a white body, And blue eyes, tail, ear and feet are black, and it seems from this description that it applies specifically to the Siamese cat precisely.

And when the Siamese cat first appeared in England in the first major cat show in the world, a national competition at the Crystal Palace in London in July 1871, it was described as a kind of unnatural cat because of its strange color, but there are other historians. They assert that the black headed cats described by onlookers were not a true Siamese cat breed, and that the breed did not appear in England until much later.

However, all parties agree that British Consul General Owen Gould brought two Siamese cats, Fu and Mia, from Thailand to London in 1894. After that, the Siamese cat became one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

Siamese cat

The American President, Rutherford B., was gifted one of the Siamese cat breed in 1879, and this cat was the first ambassador of Siamese cats in the United States of America. Queen Elizabeth II of the Siamese cat was also given as a wedding gift to celebrate her marriage to Prince Philip Nabil of Edinburgh.

Description of the Siamese cat:

The white Siamese cat is a medium-sized breed with a slender body, the Siamese cat weighs between 5 – 6.8 kg, and has a long head and large triangular ears, while the eyes are large in the form of an almond seed and it is blue in color because the gene responsible for the coat pattern also limits the amount of The pigment responsible for green or brown eyes. The Siamese cat’s neck is long and slender like the tail, and the Siamese cat is born with eye problems and a twisted tail, but now with the selection of breeds, this problem has become rare and slight.

Siamese cat

The pattern of dark spots in the Siamese cat comes from a genetic mutation that gives the cat a dark color, and this mutated gene is sensitive to color, as the amount of pigment that appears in the Siamese cat’s coat is limited to some areas of the skin.

It is worth to say that many of the Siamese cat breed had converging eyes (strabismus) and crooked tails, and pet breeders saw that these traits are undesirable, and they should be gradually eliminated through selective breeding, and today it is rare for one of the Siamese cats to be born with these problems.

Siamese cat fur:

The white Siamese cat breed is characterized by short, shiny fur and close to the skin, and the white Siamese cat remains from birth and throughout his life the same color does not change, as for the rest of the subspecies of the Siamese cat, their colors change over time so that some areas become dark in color, such as the ears, tail and legs.

Siamese cat

Siamese cat mood and health:

The Siamese cat, like other cat breeds and types, differs in temperament from one cat to another, but it is generally non-aggressive, and it is usually calm, affectionate, intelligent and loyal, which makes it good at dealing with children and makes it the ideal choice for the pet in the family.

The Siamese cat can be prone to jealousy and make a lot of noise if it is ignored. In the past, the Siamese cat breeds were healthy and had a long life of between 15-20 years, but the Siamese cat now, due to selective breeding that made the immune system weaker than before, became average The life of a Siamese cat is less than expected.

A Siamese cat may suffer from acne around the chin, and this is because he eats oily food chips that enter the pores of the skin under the mouth, clog the pores, and look like blackheads, and if they are not kept clean, this can lead to the deterioration of the Siamese cat and his injury to bald spots. It is also prone to gum disease, tartar buildup on its teeth, and you should ask your veterinarian how to clean a Siamese cat’s teeth, and it is known that dry food can help clean a Siamese cat’s teeth.

Siamese cat

Characteristics of the Siamese cat:

It is very possible to train a Siamese cat due to his intelligent nature that this breed of cat enjoys, it can be trained to bring and retrieve things, walk on a belt, and even do some tricks. However, it is not really possible to own a Siamese cat, the Siamese cat is very independent, and you may consider yourself lucky if you have a Siamese cat.

The average pregnancy for a female Siamese cat can reach 65 days, and some females of this breed can have a pregnancy period of 71 days, and this is unusual, but you should consult a veterinarian on the 68th day of pregnancy if the female Siamese cat does not show symptoms Birth at that time. It has been said that a Siamese cat causes an allergic reaction but this is not really true, however, it may cause fewer allergic problems than other cats due to its soft coat.