Siamese cats

For sure, everyone has heard about Siamese cats, even people who know a little about cats, they are a very old breed of cats and it was one of the first Asian breeds to be imported into the United Kingdom, and Siamese cats have always been popular, and their strains are constantly among the top ten breeds in each of the Kingdom The United States, and the United States of America, and it is important before learning how to raise Siamese cats to know the following information about them:

Siamese cats participated in the world’s first show.

All Siamese cats have blue eyes.

Siamese cats come in a variety of colors.

When Siamese cats are born they are only white.

The voice of Siamese cats is very loud compared to other cats.

Siamese cats can be easily trained.

Personal characteristics of Siamese cats




The advantages and disadvantages of raising Siamese cats

Raising Siamese cats is not capable of everyone, because they need special attention, for example, their presence next to the presence of children, or another pet will cause great congestion in daily tasks, of course there is no magic rule to follow and organize time between all daily tasks. Siamese cats need special attention because they love to play and spend time with their owner, and the vast majority of Siamese cat owners do not think of owning another species.

The price of Siamese cats

The price of a single Siamese cat is about 400-700 USD.

Tips before learning how cats Siamese breeding

Before learning how to raise Siamese cats, you must purchase a Siamese cat from a trusted cat breeder, or from a trusted cat store. Because this means that they were raised in an environment of their environment, which leads to a better socialization of cats because they are more likely to be raised at home, but when you buy them from a cat breeder who leaves them outside the home, this means that they are less social.

A Siamese cat must be purchased at an appropriate age. Most cats that are completely weaned are eight weeks old, and it is very reasonable to purchase one from about nine to twelve months, because after this age the cat’s ability to adapt to the new home and new people becomes difficult, and from A kitten is not likely to be in much good health until it is distanced from its mother.

Siamese cat

Tips for raising Siamese cats

Pay attention to the health of cats

One of the fundamentals of the Siamese cat breeding method is proper and permanent care of his health, and it is necessary to specifically maintain the cleanliness of his ears, nose, teeth and short soft fur. Siamese cats, like many cat breeds, suffer from many diseases, such as genetic diseases including intestinal tumors, and types of cancers such as mediastinal lymphoma, and Siamese cats may suffer from gradual retinal atrophy, which may lead to vision loss, and it is also known that cats Siamese have a sensitive stomach and tend to vomit, which can be avoided through the use of cat food. As for caring for their fur, it does not require more than one grooming session per week, because it takes care of its fur on its own, like other cats.


Siamese cats should receive their vaccinations on time, and this is also a basic method of raising Siamese cats.

Protecting Siamese cats from fleas and worms

Siamese cats need to take medicine against fleas and worms that infect them, and there are many excellent products that are effective against fleas, but not all of the products that are marketed such as perform the required task, so it should be taken to a veterinary clinic for suggestions.

Deworming is an important part of keeping a Siamese cat healthy. Usually this should be done every three months, but if the cat lives in the open air and chases insects, then getting rid of worms should be at least monthly.

Siamese cat hair care

One of the important points of the method of breeding Siamese cats is to take care of the hair of Siamese cats regularly, because they have short and soft fur, and do not take care of their fur much time, and ideally, it is better to take care of it daily, and this helps to form a strong bond between the cat and its owner .

Cleaning the teeth of Siamese cats

One of the methods of raising Siamese cats is to clean their teeth regularly, and the cat must be trained on it so that he gets used to using it as if it is his favorite game, and his teeth must be cleaned well with the special cat toothpaste, because the use of human toothpaste is very toxic if the cat swallows it; Because it contains a high percentage of fluoride.

Keep Siamese cats active

The method of raising Siamese cats through playing is very important, because Siamese cats are very active, and they tell their owner when they feel bored, and they ask their owner to play with them and entertain them, and they love to run a lot.

Anyone who interacts with Siamese cats spends a good time with them, because they always love music, running and playing, and their voice is different from normal cats.