Cats are considered one of the best and most beautiful pets in the world, and many people keep them at home and raise them as a family member.

Also, many children love cats and love to play with them in different countries of the world.

It is worth noting that there are very expensive breeds of cats in the world that may reach 100,000 USD.

And we will mention here a cat which is one  of the most expensive cats in the world, it is the Sphynx cat , which may sometimes reach up to 3000 dollars and more.

Sphynx cats
Sphynx cats 

 Sphynx cat

It is a type of rare cat and it is characterized that it does not have any hair or fur on its body due to a genetic mutation, but this does not affect its health or its age. Despite its ugly shape, but this cat is very special, kind and social cat, loves his owner, very attached to him and he may die if his owner treats him badly, but one of his disadvantages is that he needs to take shower a lot because his body produces a lot of oils.

 Sphynx cat price 

Here are some site that provide a recent state of Sphynx cat price in UK, and in United States

1- In UK

Sphynx cat for sale in Uk via pets4homes site

Sphynx cat for sale in Uk

2- In United States

Sphynx cat for sale in United States via Pets4you site

Sphynx cat for sale in United States

3- Other sites for sale Sphynx cat