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All Schools In Andhra Pradesh To Give Three Water Breaks To Students As Temperature Rises


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Amaravati: In a proactive move to combat rising temperatures, the Andhra Pradesh Department of School Education has mandated three water breaks for students across all schools in the state. The initiative, aptly named the water-bell initiative, will see breaks scheduled at 9:45 am, 10:05 am, and 11:50 am, as announced by school education principal secretary Praveen Prakash. This strategic decision aims to prioritize student hydration and overall wellbeing.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (APSDMA) noted that 68 mandals across the state witnessed heatwave on Tuesday and nine mandals reported severe heatwave. However, it forecast a heatwave for only two mandals on Wednesday.

Earlier, Kerala schools reintroduce the ‘water-bell’ system. The move is intended to ensure that students stay adequately hydrated during class hours. Kerala was one of the first states in country to implement this system in 2019 due to soaring temperatures. Following suit, Karnataka and Telangana implemented the system too.

With five-minute breaks scheduled throughout the day, students can drink water and reduce their risk of heat-related issues such as headaches and urinary tract infections, which can occur when people do not drink enough fluids.
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