Rumors On Pawan Kalyan’s New Movie Are Not True!


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Pawan Kalyan’s Bro, Ustaad Bhagat Singh, and OG movies are making huge noise already with regular updates like never before. Other than these two movies, Pawan Kalyan is yet to finish Hari Hara Veera Mallu, which has been delayed for many reasons. Meanwhile, a rumor popped up yesterday about the actor signing a new movie for a sensational director.

It was rumored that Pawan Kalyan joined hands with ‘Vikram’ director Lokesh Kanagaraj. The fans couldn’t ask for more if Pawan Kalyan is really being directed by Lokesh. But the fact is that Pawan Kalyan hasn’t signed any movie with Lokesh and what is being heard is totally untrue.

Pawan Kalyan is looking to complete his part in all these movies before he goes off to election campaigns and other political stuff. He is in no mood to sign a new project anytime soon.

On the other side, Lokesh Kanagaraj is super busy with Vijay’s Leo and he already committed to a movie with Rajinikanth. Lokesh will be doing Kaithi 2 followed by Vikram 3, which is going to be a part of Lokesh Cinematic Universe.

The powerful combination might happen in the future and it would be explosive if Lokesh directs Pawan Kalyan. But for now, the project is nothing more than a rumor.