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Patents and exclusivity work in a similar fashion but are distinct from one another and governed by different statutes. Patents are a property right granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office anytime during the development of a drug and can encompass a wide range of claims. Every year many top pharmaceutical industries are losing patent rights or exclusivity of their research molecules. And it hits their business module effectively which drives big pharmaceutical industries to engage in research continuously.

In 2019, Lyrica (Pfizer) and Herceptin (Genentech) were exclusive molecules which lost their patents. And same way many expected for this year 2020. Top 10 brands will include market of around USD 8 Billion. And Indian generic pharmaceutical industries have chance to enter in this market.

Below, list of top 10 brands are given which patent is expiring in 2020

10. Proair HFA

Company: Teva

Treatment: treatment or prevention of bronchospasm

2019 USA sales: $274 million

Generic launched: Feb. 25, 2020

9. Risperdal Consta

Company: Johnson & Johnson and Alkermes

Treatment: schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder

2019 USA sales: $314 million

Patent expiration: Nov. 2020

8. Kuvan

Company: BioMarin

Treatment: phenylketonuria

2019 global sales: $463 million

Generics expected: 2020

7. Ciprodex

Company: Novartis

Treatment: ear infections

2019 USA sales: $470 million (estimate)

Generics expected: 2020

6. Atripla

Company: Gilead

Treatment: HIV

2019 USA sales: $501 million

Generics expected: 2020

5. Forteo

Company: Eli Lilly

Treatment: osteoporosis

2019 USA sales: $645 million

Biosimilar expected: 2020

4. NuvaRing

Company: Merck & Co.

Treatment: contraception

2019 USA sales: $742 million

Generics launched: Dec. 12, 2019

3. Chantix

Company: Pfizer

Treatment: smoking cessation

2019 USA sales: $899 million

Main patent expiration: November 2020

2. Afinitor

Company: Novartis

Treatment: various cancers

2019 USA sales: $1 billion

Generics launched: Dec. 10, 2019

1. Truvada

Company: Gilead Sciences

Treatment: HIV

2019 USA sales: $2.64 billion

Generics expected: Soon

It is interesting to see moves from Indian Pharmaceutical industries.