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Troikaa Pharmaceuticals receives US patent for Dynapar QPS

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Ahmedabad Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has received patent for its novel non-aqueous Topical Solution of Diclofenac by the U.S. Patent Office which is marketed under the brand name Dynapar QPS.

Based on the positive results of a clinical trial (Clinical Trial Registry Number CTRI/2105/02/ 005510), DCGI approved Dynapar QPS as a treatment for pain in osteoarthritis is the only topical pain killer approved by DCGI for this condition. Additionally, Dynapar QPS is approved for all kinds of musculoskeletal pains like backache, neck pain, knee pain etc.

Dr Ketan R Patel, Chairman & Managing Director, Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Ltd said “Dynapar QPS is a novel pain relief formula which provides quick powerful and long-lasting pain relief upon administration at the site of pain. Publications in scientific journals of repute confirm 5 times higher penetration of the pain killer Diclofenac through the skin as compared to the other topically used diclofenac formulations.”

Company said that it provides a targeted drug delivery and hence only 16 mg diclofenac has to be applied topically at the site of pain. About 40% of this goes into the tissue, which produces an adequate concentration of Diclofenac to control the inflammation.

The company said as per IQVIA (a leading human data science company), Dynapar QPS is the number 1 prescribed brand on the topical pain killer market.

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