On 5th July 2020, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has inaugurated a programme under which the State Government of Uttar Pradesh has set a target to plant more than 25 crore sapling across the state.

The name of the mega plantation programme is ‘Mission Vriksharopan-2020’. Yogi Adityanath planted 3 saplings at the Kukrail Reserve Forest’s Harishankari Vatika in Lucknow to inaugurate the Mission Vriksharopan-2020. He planted saplings of a Banyan tree, Ficus Virens and Ficus Religiosa.

Under the Programme, in plantation sites, geo-tagging will be done. Apart from environmental plants (those reduce environmental pollution), saplings of medicinal, shady, fodder and fruit yielding plants have been disturbed across the 75 districts of the state. Saplings include the likes of Pipal, Neem, Sahjan, Jamun, Mulvari etc. A total species of 201 variety of saplings will be planted under the programme.

The mega plantation programme will also focus on biodiversity conservation for which saplings will be planted across the banks of river Ganga and its tributaries.

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