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Best BSc Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Colleges in Bangalore – Course Details


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Best BSc Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Colleges in Bangalore – Course Details

Best BSc in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Colleges in Bangalore

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are related fields in computer science. These two technologies are currently very in-demand, particularly for use in creating intelligent computer systems. While they are frequently used synonymously, artificial intelligence and machine learning are not the same. In general, Machine Learning is an application or subset of AI that enables machines to learn from data without being explicitly programmed, whereas AI is a larger notion to construct intelligent machines that can replicate human thinking capacity and behaviour.

Artificial intelligence is exponentially increasing efficiency in the workplace by working almost like humans do. Although we are still a long way from having AI that can function exactly like humans do, the advances in this field have been tremendous, opening up numerous job opportunities. A new AI system called DALLE 2 can produce art and realistic visuals from a description given in plain language. Midjourney is also an AI model that is very similar to OpenAI’s DALL-E. These revolutionary creations can take creativity into their own hands with the help of proper human commands. Artificial intelligence has also had an incredible effect on mankind which will only continue to grow dramatically through the years making a career in this field an extremely promising one in the coming years.

You have probably been living under a rock if you don’t know about AI’s accomplishments recently. But don’t worry, I’ll help you stay current. Tesla cars have an inbuilt autopilot system that can take over and drive itself. Although this isn’t fully autonomous and requires a fully attentive driver to take over the wheel anytime, Tesla cars are capable of doing fascinating things. But that’s not it. According to the Associated Press, robots in Japan are refilling the shelves of some of the nation’s small shops that offer snacks, drinks, and other things. The robot features a mechanical arm with a “hand” on one end, which it uses to pick up drinks from stacks on the edges of the shelves and then properly resupply them. This is the beginning of unmanned grocery stores replacing the monotonous work that people used to do earlier.

The business OpenAI started by Elon Musk researches artificial general intelligence. The goal of OpenAI is to make sure that artificial general intelligence (AGI), or highly autonomous systems that outperform people at the majority of economically relevant tasks, benefits the entirety of humanity.

List of Best BSc in AI & ML Colleges in Bangalore:

  • CMR University
  • Cambridge Institute of Technology
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology – MSRUAS
  • GITAM – Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management
  • Indian Institute of Science
  • Jain Deemed to be University
  • Manipal ProLearn
  • MVJ College of Engineering
  • School of Engineering – DSU
  • Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is a common notion for people to imagine a scene from iRobot where an army of human-like machines takes over the world as it is depicted in most films. On the other hand, some people could envision a seemingly bright future where AI models would do tasks that we as people would find rather uncomfortable like cutting onions or taking your dog out on a stroll early in the morning when you just want to sleep in. But the real debate does not surround the impact of AI but rather the likelihood that this technology will realize all of its potentials. Professionals are preoccupied with debates over what constitutes “intelligence” and “human-like behavior’s.” Experts are not sure about how this technology will exhibit itself or when this day will even come. But rest assured, we are moving closer to this possible reality at an incredibly fast pace. AI is essentially the capacity for thought and learning in a machine or computer programme. The aim behind artificial intelligence (AI) is to create machines that can think, act, and learn just like people. A more complex definition of AI is that it is an interdisciplinary idea that researches the potential for building machines that can interact with their environment and act on the information they receive in a way that is thought to be intelligent.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers to automatically learn from data and previous experiences to recognize patterns and predict future events with the least amount of human interaction. Netflix’s recommendation engine and self-driving cars are outcomes of technological advances in this field. The rapidly expanding discipline of data science includes machine learning as a key element. Algorithms are trained using statistical techniques to produce classifications or predictions and to find important insights in data mining projects. The decisions made as a result of these insights influence key growth indicators in applications and enterprises, ideally.

With that said, a BSc in Computer Science with a specialisation in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will only help you reach closer to your dream of working in an ever-growing industry that will only keep growing and expanding as new cutting-edge technologies come into the picture.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in India:

A NASSCOM analysis projects that AI would increase India’s GDP by 450–500 billion dollars by 2025, or 10% of the goal GDP of USD 5 trillion. The use of AI has been accelerated by highly digitised sectors like IT, financial services, telecommunications and media, and retail. Additionally, the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world is found in India. With more than 2,250 startups and 42 unicorns added in 2021, the Indian tech startup sector expanded. In at least 555 districts in India, at least one startup existed, according to the Economic Survey 2021–22. Currently, AI initiatives in the e-commerce, banking, and healthcare industries are receiving the majority of venture capital funding.

Since data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are at the heart of the technological revolution, there are many more employment openings than the number of competent individuals in this industry. According to experts, there will be a 31.4% growth in jobs connected to data science and mathematical science by 2030, much of which will be AI-based. With that said, it is only natural that many students wish to study this field to pursue AI and ML in the future.

Scope of employment after a Bachelor’s in CS with a specialisation in AI and ML:

There are a variety of employment opportunities to choose from due to the vastness of both fields. Here are a few:

  1. Big Data Engineer
  2. Business Intelligence Developer
  3. Data Scientist
  4. Machine Learning Engineer
  5. Research Scientist
  6. Artificial Intelligence Data Analyst
  7. Product Manager
  8. Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  9. Robotics Scientist
  10. Deep Learning Engineers
  11. Computer Vision Engineering

The top 10 companies making use of AI and recruiting for the same are:

  1. Amazon
  2. Apple
  3. Google
  4. Facebook
  5. DJI
  6. Anki
  7. Clarifai
  8. Deepmind
  9. Casetext
  10. DataVisor

Top 10 companies that hire ML professionals in India:

  • Amazon web services
  • Databricks
  • Dataiku
  • Google Cloud
  • IBM
  • Mathworks
  • Microsoft Azure
  • RapidMiner
  • Prolifics

Why choose a BSc in CS with a specialization in ML and AI?

Even though AI and ML are more mainstream now, most firms still view them as new technologies. They choose how to frame and size computer-based problem-solving assignments. But it is anticipated that the technology will advance quickly. The market for AI software is anticipated to grow by more than 21% from 2021 to $62.5 billion in 2022, according to Gartner.

Besides that, AI is something that will never lose its importance several years down the lane due to its persistent importance in society. Knowledge or skill in the field of AI and ML is extremely current today due to its relevance in today’s world. It is now impossible to manually process this “big data” and base complex decisions on it because of the amount of data generated by both humans and machines since the advent of various technologies, apps, and the internet. Besides that, this is a fairly new course as well allowing students to be the first ones to get the best of both skills which will create more opportunities for them. Therefore, a BSc in Computer Science with a specialization in AI and ML is one to consider.

Duration of a BSc in CS with a specialization in AI and ML:

Presently in 2022, a BSc in CS with a specialization in AI and ML is a 3-year full-time degree program split across 6 semesters in India.

Eligibility criteria to get into a BSc CS with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Program in India

Any recognized Board or Council’s 10+2 level science and math’s examination with a minimum score of 45% for students in the general (open) category and 40% for those in the reserved category is a compulsory requirement. Admission criteria also vary between each university. Compared to a B.Tech course, this course does not require any sort of National or state-level examination that you would have to write otherwise.

Admission procedure:

Admission into this program would be quite straightforward:

  • The pupils must pass the board or council-recognized exam for the 12th grade.
  • The candidates must have completed 12th-grade English, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • However, some colleges admit students from any stream.
  • Students must be prepared for any admission test that the university may conduct for further screening.
  • The 12th-grade subjects must receive high marks as required by the university or institution.
  • If necessary, students must pass the national entrance exam which you can see on your preferred universities’ website.

Expected Salaries:

Artificial intelligence has gained worldwide attention over the past few years, not only in India. Artificial intelligence is advancing quickly thanks to developments in data science. India-wide institutions are participating in a stream focused on artificial intelligence.

Depending on Experience:

The applications needed for artificial intelligence positions differ. An entry-level candidate can anticipate receiving a yearly salary of 6,00,000 INR. Due to the high demand for specialists in AI, reputable organizations like Google, Amazon, Flipkart, etc., may increase the salary to 12,000 INR depending on the candidate’s skill set. The annual pay with 2-4 years of experience might be in the range of 7-20 Lakhs INR. The median income for a senior-level specialist with five or more years of experience is between 30 and 50 lakhs INR per year, with the highest salary exceeding one crore INR.

Based on Location:

The majority of the country’s artificial intelligence specialists are thought to reside in IT center’s like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Companies like Google, Amazon, and others are encouraged to locate their national headquarters in these cities. An AI specialist in Bengaluru has an average income of 8.80 LPA. It is the top city in India where AI experts like to work. Next on the list, with a lump sum of 7.32 LPA, is the city of Chennai. Mumbai’s average pay is 6.44 LPA, which is comparatively lesser. Other cities in the country offer sufficient opportunity, with an average LPA of 5.5.

Expected salaries for Machine Learning professionals:

Experience-Related Pay:

An Indian machine learning engineer’s pay is also based on their level of expertise. Similar to other employment, an individual might anticipate earning more money the more qualified they are. An annual salary for a machine learning engineer can reach RS 5,00,000. The time and effort required to become an expert in machine learning are reflected in the high entry-level salary. An entry-level engineer makes, on average, 11,73,074 a year. But as you advance in the organization, your pay will increase dramatically. Machine learning experts are in extremely short supply as a result of the demand that has been growing day by day. The pay for machine learning engineers in India makes this profession worthwhile.

Based on Location:

Machine learning specialists in India are distinctive not only because they work with a wide range of data sets, but even more so because of the elements that influence Machine Learning Engineer salaries in India. Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley of India due to its prominence in the information technology sector, is the city with the highest pay rates for Machine Learning specialists. Because Chennai pays on average 5% less than the national average, the city is less desirable as a location to hire Machine Learning Engineers.

Indian ML engineers are in high demand because machine learning is one of the main factors propelling technological innovation.


Both fields of AI and ML are in high demand and are considered to be skills of the century as more and more companies rely on AI regularly. There aren’t nearly enough qualified professionals to take on job opportunities in the field. This field is also relatively new giving students an added advantage to make the most of it and be ahead of their counterparts. This course is a pathway to success as multiple doors of opportunities are opening enabling them to be valuable assets to many companies.

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