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Free VPN Download: Are you looking for a free virtual private network VPN download for a personal computer PC on Android mobile, Mac, and APK files? The list of information is available on this page for user reference purposes. In this space, we are going to provide complete information about how to download free VPN for specific use

Ensure that free VPS always have limited resources, their available servers, and certain locations. In such a case, users can opt for the premium VPN services to access the complete premium VPN locations and most secured apps; those app’s information is available below so that users will be understood what the VPN apps or important privacy and security purposes are.

Free VPN Download​

We have listed several free VPN services on this page, so use yourself to check which one is the most suitable for you based on your requirement. Based on the requirement, users must download the free VPN and available
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services and make sure that, create an account with their new email id and then access the free services.

Are Free VPN Safe?

Master The Uses have a question about is free VPNs such safe or not. The stay answer will be yes, it is safe because VPNs are giving as free nothing, but they are limited in resources. These free VPNs do not allow complete premium access. There are some other resections to access the previous service. If you buy those access, then you will get complete access.

Free VPS have limited resources to access; free VPNs are completely safe and Secure, and your privacy will be safe.

Free VPN List​

Take the complete information about the free VPN. The list will be provided below, and also going to compare with pros and cons of free VPN so that you can be able to understand completely information what free VPN are;

Due to limitations in the sources, we listed only the top 5 free VPN, which is completely secure and safe, and your privacy will be 100% safe.

  • Windscribe – Monthly 10GB free
  • Proton VPN
  • Bitdefender VPN
  • Atlas VPN
  • Hide Me VPN

Windscribe VPN Free​

We have been using Windscribe VPN for 8 months; we never face any down issues or privacy concerns. Monthly 10GB of VPN data is available free of cost. If you want more more number of data, then you can pay for the premium options.

Almost 10+ VPN servers are available for free.

Official Link –
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  • Payment free VPNS
  • Privacy is safe and secure.
  • Better for fewer usage users.
  • A maximum of 10GB of data are accessible.
  • Good beginners & Solo users.


  • Limited VPN servers.
  • Experience a little slow speed.
  • Premium content restrictions.
  • Game servers are unavailable.
  • Premium is not affordable for beginners.

Users can check the many pros and cons are listed in detail for better understanding.

Proton VPN Free​

Proton VPN has free access to up to 100+ servers across the 3 major countries without any ads while using services. Users can access unlimited bandwidth (the best feature for everyone). Proton provides customer services to free users.

Users can access below benefits;

  • Proton Mail
  • Proton Calendar
  • Proton Cloud Drive

Official Website –
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BitDefender VPN Free​

Bitdefender VPN has the best features among what we discussed; If users have antivirus access, then VPN will be available free of cost, and no hidden costs are included.

BitDefender VPN Benefits are;

  • Connect upto 1-3 devices
  • No ads
  • No user tracking
  • Available for all platforms.

Official Website –
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Atlas VPN Free​

Atlas VPN has free services with limited resources and is available to all platforms for download the usage; users may check the number of benefits, which are listed below;

  • Limited VPN locations
  • Only major countries are covered in the free plan
  • Safe and secure in terms of privacy.
  • Premiums budget has very less, so anyone can affordable.

Official Website –
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Hide Me VPN Free​

Initially, Hide Me VPN came with a free plan for every user across the globe; the following benefits are included in the free plan;

  • Lifetime VPN free
  • P2P support in a free plan
  • No registration is required when usage
  • 10 GB data free per month.
  • No Ads
  • High speed performance.
  • No trackers and no logs.

Official Website –
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