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International educators, university recruitment representatives and high school counsellors will gather in Bangalore, India, in August for learning and development experiences and networking opportunities facilitated by Gen Next Education.

Gen Next Education is an international education organisation dedicated to enhancing access to global education and empowering students and educators globally.

The g2 – the globalED gathering: Embracing the New Frontier of International Education
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on August 17-18 is aiming to drive change among these stakeholders and transform networking within the admissions, recruitment and counselling community.

“g2 offers attendees a unique opportunity to engage with the broader international community, share best practices, and gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of college admissions across the globe,” said Gen Next.

The event will feature a wide variety of interactive workshops and dedicated networking time. Sessions include best practices for preparing high school students for education abroad, guidance on global admissions procedures, examinations of emerging student markets and tips and tools for working with independent education consultants.

g2 will be bookended by university fairs, so university representatives can interact directly with students.

Gen Next will also hold an admissions, recruitment and counselling
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global edition on June 21-22.

Offered on ConnectEd, the online event will offer school-based counsellors, independent educational counsellors and university admissions officers from across the globe a platform for professional development and networking.

“At Gen Next, we believe in the power of collaboration and the ability of educators to drive positive change in global education,” founder and CEO of
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, Girish Ballolla said.

“The g2 gathering is an incredible opportunity for educators from diverse backgrounds to come together, share best practices and shape the future of education worldwide.”

Notably, g2 is committed to inclusivity and supporting counsellors worldwide. In partnership with universities in attendance, Gen Next is providing scholarships for 100 high school-based counsellors, to ensure that they have the opportunity to participate with peers in the international education community.

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