Exemption [Skip] Of 2 Subjects Rule For JNTU Students: Detailed Information


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JNTU Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University which is in JNTU Hyderabad, Here is the complete information about R09, R13 Batch Exception of two subjects details and information so all of the JNTU students can get the Detailed info and gain the knowledge and share the information with all this R09, R13 Batch Exception or Skipping of two subjects details and information is very useful to someone so please share the information on social media Facebook.and this R09, R13 Batch Exception of two subjects details and information for all JNTU Hyderabad, JNTU Kakinda and JNTU Anantapur students and all contact their college examination cell for confirm the any details.​

Exemption [Skip] Of 2 Subjects Rule For JNTU Students:

In light of the suggestions of the Standing Committee of the Academic Senate, the Vice chancellor is satisfied to endorse the exemption up to two subjects for most extreme of eight credits to get Degree for B.Tech R09 batch understudies i.e to secure least 192 credits out of 200 credits, subject to go of obligatory subjects as above.​

Students can not leave two subjects If:

  • One Subject consists of 6 credits & other subject consists of 4 credits
  • Both subjects consists of 6 credits.

Student can leave only one failed subject in entire course which consists of 6 credits. Student can’t leave the Lab Subjects also. As per the latest information students can also leave EDP but it’s a vice suggestion to confirm from your exam branch. More detailed information will be updated about R13 and R15, R16 also as soon as we get information about that.

It is advisable to skip the subjects which has 4 credits so you can have the advantage to skip two subjects. If you have any type of confusion or issues you can comment below your queries or questions, your question will be answered soon. Although the information written is for JNTUH, all the JNTUK and JNTUA students can confirm from their respective colleges regarding the skip of subjects.​

How To Apply for Exemption [Skip] Of 2 Subjects

The procedure is quite simple, if you are eligble to skip to subjects than the student need to go to respective college and write a letter or fill up a form as said by the college or the examination branch through principal and the same will be submitted to the JNTUH. So many students regaring “how much time it will take to get PC, CMM or OD after skipping of subjects”, apart from the OD, you can get the PC and CMM after the skipping process is done and it may take almost a month but you can ask in your respective college exam branch regarding the time taken for the PC, CMM and OD after skipping or leaving the subjects or Applying of Grace marks.

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