Indian business school to open UK campus in 2023


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S P Jain’s London School of Management has become the first Indian-origin business school to be able to award UK degrees, it has been announced.

The business school has been granted New Degree Awarding Powers by the Office for Students for its new Canary Wharf campus, which is set to welcome students on undergraduate and MBA programs from October 2023.

“The global market for UK education remains strong, and S P Jain’s new London campus is symbolic of this growth,”
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said in a statement.

“S P Jain was born with a simple philosophy of if business has gone global, business schools should go global too,” Nitish Jain, president, S P Jain School of Global Management, told The PIE.

“The school already has flourishing campuses in the some of the world’s top cities: Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. London is a natural extension to the global model.

“People need to work in global teams, leverage global opportunities and build networks across the globe,” added Jain.

Although the school is registered as a UK entity, it belongs to the Australian S P Jain School of Global Management family which has roots in India.

The school welcomes students from over 100 countries across all campuses but has said that it will mainly be aiming to recruit UK students at the start of the academic year.

S P Jain is known for its Australian global 12-month
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which allows students to study at its campuses in Singapore, Sydney and Dubai for four months each. Now, the latest London campus is being added to this offering.

“Students from other countries will come to London to understand British opportunities and practices. Similarly, our domestic students would go to the top Asian cities because it’s also possible for them to study on our other campuses, as part of their course here in London” said Jain.

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