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International education organisation INTO University Partnerships has launched its own digital community platform to connect international students.

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offers students a “seamless experience” to interact and engage with fellow students and faculty in real time regardless of their location.

“INTO Community platform elevates student support and success to a whole new level through the power of technology,” John Sykes, CEO of
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, said in a statement.

Students will be able to access resources, events, job opportunities and mentors, as well as gain “personalised advice and assistance” on visa requirements and housing, among other services.

“The innovation combines the dynamism and functionality of social media with INTO’s unrivalled knowledge of students’ needs and expectations. This can transform students’ experience and boost their academic and career success,” Sykes added.

INTO Community has been rolled out at INTO University of Alabama at Birmingham, INTO London, INTO Newcastle, The University of Australia’s UWA College, as well as Coventry University in the UK.

Earlier this year, INTO announced a strategic partnership with Coventry to “boost career outcomes” for students via a range of
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Some 2,000 students have already joined INTO Community, with the organisation hoping to onboard half of its centre partners in the UK, US and Australia by the end of 2024. By that time, INTO expects to form a community of 6,000+ active members.

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Students with offers, current students and alumni can access the private and invite-only channel from the initial stages of their international education journey through to the alumni stage, INTO noted.

“By forging deeper emotional connections from the very beginning, the platform enables stronger engagement, resulting in enhanced conversion and enrolment rates. It also helps prevent students dropping out of their confirmed programs,” said Namrata Sarmah, INTO’s chief product officer.

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