Jayam Ravi’s Wife Aarti Ravi Made a Career for Herself


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Not because she is Jayam Ravi’s wife, but rather because of the career she has established for herself, Aarti Ravi merits your attention. The businesswoman is successful in her own right.

There are benefits and drawbacks to being the spouse of a famous actor. On the one hand, you get a front-row ticket to see a loved one succeed. The admiration and love of the supporters is an extra benefit. On the other hand, you will always be recognised as the actor’s wife to the general public. As a result, her husband’s accomplishments come before her own.

This also applies to Jayam Ravi’s wife, Aarti Ravi, a businesswoman and influencer. She is an individual who merits praise for her unique profession. She hasn’t appeared in Ponniyin Selvan, delivered a 100 crore hit, or won a Tamil Nadu State Film Award, unlike her husband. However, just because her career hasn’t been as colourful as a movie star’s doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still be honoured.

There is no disputing that one of the main factors contributing to her popularity is the fact that she is Jayam Ravi’s wife. But even without the Jayam Ravi element, Aarti’s career deserves to be praised for what she has accomplished.

Aarti Ravi, who has over 722k Instagram followers, takes her platform seriously. Her choice of causes to affiliate with make this clear. I do not influence, states her bio on Instagram. I want to motivate you. She also provided evidence for this during the height of COVID.

After observing the detrimental effects the epidemic had on small companies during the pandemic, Aarti used her position to advocate for them. She made the decision to highlight regional companies operated by women on her social media because she had received numerous comments about small businesses having a difficult time. Aarti did a fantastic job of giving women a platform that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Aarti is also a Rise4Girl ambassador, through which she finances the education of girls who would not otherwise be able to do so for themselves.

Aarti helps her husband Jayam Ravi on more than simply an emotional level; their relationship also serves professional purposes. According to Aarti, she is in charge of the actor Santosh Subramaniam’s social media, finances, image management, and PR. She continued by saying that she also actively influences the actor’s film preferences.

Her son Aarav, who stars in the movie Tik Tik Tik with his father, is already an actor in addition to her spouse. Sujatha Vijayakumar, however, was the person who first introduced her to the world of cinema. Aarti attributes her mother’s guidance in management and leadership to her. According to her in an interview with Vogue India, “My mother, Sujata, who is also a TV producer, taught me the art of management, understanding budgets and production, leadership skills, and how to run a company.”

She doesn’t seem to sit back and relax on her platform. It is past time for Aarti to be given more credit for the material she produces and the causes she supports.​
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