JNTU Grace Marks and Class Change Rule – Detailed Information


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In the Final year only, the students can apply for grace marks. Here some of the Questions and Answers regarding Grace marks and Class Change in JNTUH which are frequently asked, so we are combining all these questions and answering them. How to apply for grace marks and how many marks will get with the system of grace marks and also how many subjects will be covered with this system, these are the frequently asked questions.​

Detailed Explanation For JNTU Grace Marks & Class Change Rule

Question: What is meant by grace marks?
Answer: Grace marks are the marks that are added additionally in order to pass or qualify for the examination.

Question: How many marks covered by Grace marks?
Answer: Grace marks will cover 8 marks. The maximum number of marks that will be added is 8.

Question: How many subjects Grace marks cover?
Answer: It can cover 1 (or) 2 subjects. If you are obtaining grace marks in 2 subjects then 4 marks in each subject will be covered.

Question: What is the marks separation rule in subjects?
Answer: There are two(2) conditions in the marks separation rule:

  • 1st Condition: If a student scores 22 marks or higher marks (Maximum 25) in 2 subjects then the student is eligible for this condition and the student can apply for the Grace marks in 2 subjects.
  • 2nd Condition: If a student scores (18-21) marks in a subject then the student can apply Grace marks in 1 subject only.

Question: Is there any fees for applying Grace marks?
Answer: No, there is no fee for applying Grace marks, but if the student wants the memo urgently then charges will be around Rs.1000/-.

Question: When we can apply for Grace marks?
Answer: In Final Year, when a student receives his or her memo certificate then only the student can apply for the Grace marks.

Question: What is Class Change?
Answer: Class change means changing one least class to upper class like:

  • 1st Condition: 3rd class to 2nd class.
  • 2nd Condition: 2nd class to 1st class.
  • 3rd Condition: 1st class to Distinction.

Question: How much percentage can change Class? Give Some Examples.
Answer: 0.15% can change the Class Change Rule. Examples:

  • (i): 49.85% – 50% changes from 3rd class to 2nd class.
  • (ii): 59.85% – 60% changes from 2nd class to 1st class.
  • (iii): 69.85% – 70% changes 1st class to Distinction.

How To Apply for JNTU Grace Marks & Class Change:

Question: How to apply for Grace marks/Class Change?
Answer: A student needs to go to Examination Branch/Cell in his/her college, and ask to apply for the Grace marks/Class Change.

Question: Which Regulations can apply for Grace marks/Class Change?
Answer: R05, R07, R09 regulation students can apply for grace marks, R13 regulation may also eligible for grace marks but confirm it from Examination Branch/cell once.

A student is eligible for grace marks only in 2 subjects (depending on the above conditions) and class change is a great chance for the students who need only 0.15% (or less than that) to change their class. If you have any doubts do ask in the comments and the grace marks system may have variation int JNTUA, JNTUK. If you liked this information, do share this on Facebook with your friends and family because sharing is caring, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more updates.​

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