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Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam Online Booking Timings Cost


Know the details about the Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam Online Booking Timings Cost, Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam Daily Booking Procedure

Thiruverkadu Temple is the abode of the Devi Karimariyamman. The pilgrims will be coming to the Thiruverkadu Temple from every place in Tamilnadu. The pilgrims who come to the temple will be coming not only for the Darshan but also will be coming to offer seva and also many types of pooja here. The Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam is one of the most famous pooja in the temple which the pilgrims wanted to attend. The pilgrims can offer a lot of offers during the Abhishekam in the Thiruverkadu Temple. The pilgrims however need to book for the tickets in the Thiruverkadu Temple for the Abhishekam

Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam Online Booking Timings Cost​

Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam Timings​

The Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam is conducted daily in the temple. This is the first pooja which is performed in the temple. The timings of the Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam is from 05.00 AM to 06.00 PM. The temple will be opened first and then the Abhishekam procedure is started. The pilgrims will be allowed inside the temple one all the arrangements for the Abhishekam are completed.

Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam Cost​

The ticket cost of the Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam is Rs 100 per pilgrim. The pilgrims can come to the temple and purchase the tickets. The pilgrims need not bring any items for the Abhishekam. All the items for this pooja will be provided by the temple itself. If the pilgrims are getting any items then the items also will be used during the pooja.

Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam Online Booking​

Online Booking is available for the Thiruverkadu Temple Abhishekam through the temple website. The pilgrims can login to the temple website and can book for the tickets. For the online booking, the pilgrims need to pay the amount online only. Various type of the payment is available for the pilgrims. The pilgrims should select the date and time on the website during the Online booking.

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